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Where to shop for women's clothing in Charlottesville

Where to shop for women's clothing in Charlottesville

If you want to express your own personal style and not follow the masses in what you wear, then shopping in Charlottesville is for you. There are so many amazing local boutiques selling women’s clothing that you won’t see in the big department stores, you will practically never have to worry about a co-worker coming in with the same outfit as you (heaven forbid)! We love these shops, and so will you:


Location: Downtown Mall, 106 E. Main St.

Their claim to fame is trendy and chic boho clothing, but you can also find cool shoes and accessories. You’ll find just what you want as soon as you walk in, but don’t forget to make your way back to the sale rack for amazing deals, too.

Derriere de Soie

Location: Main St., 605 W. Main St.

We first highlighted DdS in an article on Bachelorette Parties, which includes info on events there, but DdS is for every woman looking for the best fitting undergarments. They don’t sell online. So, you have to make a stop there when visiting!


Location: Barracks Road Shopping Center, North Wing

Scarpa has been in Cville and at the same location for over two decades and has continually increased its clientele over the years for two reasons: an offering of timeless and beautiful clothing and accessories, and a personal touch for each and every customer. Scarpa chooses their selections from established and independent designers, always giving you fresh ideas for your wardrobe.

Darling Boutique

Location: Downtown Mall side street, 115 S. 1st St.

Darling has been voted the Best Consignment Shop by readers of C-ville Weekly for the past four years and for good reason. They have an incredible selection of affordable fashion and high-end bargains, as well as handmade local artisan goods. You can also bring in your gently used high-end fashion pieces for consignment by appointment only.


Location: UVA Corner, 1501 University Avenue

University students flock to Finch for clothing ranging from formal wear to everyday comfort styles. And while Finch is the perfect place for the college-aged clothing shopper, they truly have something for women of every age. Plus, you get to chat with actual finches while you’re there!


Location: Main St., 505 West Main St.

eloise has been bringing select style edits to the fashionable women in charlottesville and beyond for over 20 years. Representing over 40 lines, eloise strives to keep an eye on the best emerging designers while maintaining a presence of established brands that have developed a deserved following over time. We take joy in the fact that eloise is able to serve both the UVA mom and her daughter within one independent store that is always on trend without being too trendy.

Spring Street

Location: Barracks Road Shopping Center, 1043 N. Emmett St.

Spring Street is Charlottesville’s largest independent boutique, which we also highlight in our article on Bachelorette party ideas. The walls are vibrant colors, and so is the clothing. Just walking in will put a smile on your face. It is a great place to not only find unique pieces, but to gather up the staples you need in your closet.

These are our picks, but did we miss your favorites? If so, tell us all about them in the comments below.