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Ultimate Guide to the Best Boutique Hotels Charlottesville

Ultimate Guide to the Best Boutique Hotels Charlottesville

Charlottesville, Virginia, a city rich in history and culture, boasts an array of boutique hotels and charming inns that reflect its unique character. From luxury lodgings to cozy bed and breakfasts, each place offers a distinct experience to make your stay unforgettable. Ready to explore the best hotels Charlottesville VA has to offer? Let’s dive in!

Key Takeaways

  • Explore Charlottesville’s unique boutique hotels for a personalized stay.
  • Discover Charlottesville and Albemarle County attractions and activities, such as Monticello and Shenandoah National Park, Michie Tavern, or Historic main street.
  • Enjoy local charm with bed & breakfasts or inns in downtown Charlottesville.

Need more than 8 guest rooms for business? The Charlottesville Insider Team has exclusive access to offers for group rates and can help your team plan with additional access to historical attractions, wineries and tours on the Monticello Wine Trail, and various restaurants within the historic downtown area.

Top Boutique Hotels in Charlottesville VA

Situated in the heart of Charlottesville, these boutique hotels offer visitors something truly special, an experience that marries comfort and style with a distinctive local flair. With their bespoke services tailored to travelers’ needs, plus carefully curated amenities and easy access to attractions around the city, staying at either Graduate Charlottesville or Quirk Hotel guarantees you a unique getaway.

Be it for business or leisure purposes. Visiting one of Charlottesville’s independent accommodations will upgrade your trip no end! Renowned for having both vintage charm from Graduate Cville as well as modern elegance from its sister-hotel across town. There is sure to be something here just perfect for any discerning guest’s taste.

Graduate Hotel
Hotel Lobby Lounge
Hotel Bar

Graduate Charlottesville - Pet Friendly Hotels

Located conveniently across from the University of Virginia, Graduate Charlottesville is a budget-friendly hotel that offers luxury and convenience. Boasting on-site amenities such as a restaurant, rooftop views, free WiFi access, and pet accommodations - as well as being in close proximity to Charlottesville Albemarle Airport – it makes for an ideal destination for travelers near or far. Omni Charlottesville Hotel, Marriott Charlottesville Downtown and Hampton Inn are all nearby options with rates starting about $115 nightly.

For this price range, you can expect comfort without sacrificing quality. No matter your choice among the neighboring hotels, you’ll get great value along with modern conveniences while visiting this lively city!

Quirk Hotel Room
Quirk Rooftop Drone
Quirk Room

Quirk Hotel Charlottesville - Pet Friendly Hotels

Quirk Hotel Charlottesville is the perfect destination for those wishing to experience a luxurious and comfortable stay, it remains one of the newest Charlottesville hotels. It offers convenient amenities such as private parking, an on-site restaurant, and a fitness center which allows its guests to keep up with their regular exercise routine while exploring the sights of vibrant Charlottesville. The hotel also boasts reasonable prices starting around $149 per night making it accessible for travelers from all budgets! Reservations can be easily made through Quirk’s official website providing effortless access so that visitors have more time to explore this beautiful city. Quirk is located about 1/2 mile from Charlottesville Amtrak station 1/4 mile from the Omni Charlottesville hotel.

The Forum hotel - Pet Friendly

The five-story Jeffersonian-style building is as grand as it is inviting—but it’s not all pomp and circumstance here. Inside the stately exterior, guests will discover a vibrant, modern space with eclectic gathering spots, from a lively lobby living room and several tempting dining options to high-tech meeting rooms and an impressive lecture hall. Behind the hotel, a flourishing botanical garden and arboretum invite relaxation and contemplation. Both inside and out, The Forum creates possibilities—to celebrate, collaborate, learn, reflect, connect (and get a really great night’s sleep, of course).

  • IHG hotel

Keswick Hall

Keswick Hall, a luxurious landmark located in Charlottesville, is rated 8.9 for its remarkable facilities and services. An outdoor pool as well as a fitness center are among the amenities that provide guests with an exquisite experience. The hotel has comfortable rooms accompanied by free private parking along with picturesque gardens to explore during one’s stay there. Alongside this, guests can indulge in delicious meals at on-site Jean-George's Marigold providing even more convenience making Keswick Hall ideal both for business or romantic getaway alike! Additionally featuring a spa, tennis center, golf, pickelball, and quite possibly the best horizon pool in Charlottesville, VA.

Oakhurst Room
Oakhurst Room

Oakhurst Inn

For those seeking a convenient alternative to the recently built, Oakhurst Inn is located right next to the University of Virginia and John Paul Jones Arena. Historically and meticulously renovated, offering hardwood flooring with an old-world charm along with double rooms, suites and family suite options, this downtown Charlottesville hotel puts you in prime position for your travels - whether it’s just for a short visit or something more extended. To ensure maximum comfort during your stay, there’s also a courtyard pool on site! Hotel features bar & lounge, a 10 minute walk to John Paul Jones Arena, or a 4.5 minute walk to Scott Stadium. Features free parking.

Little Mod Hotel
Little Mod Front Desk
Mod Room
Little Mod Hotel Bed

Little Mod Hotel

If you are looking for distinctive, retro-style accommodation then Little Mod Hotel is the perfect choice. This boutique hotel, with its mod styling from the sixties and just 20 rooms, provides personalized services to customers. From $159 up to $559 per night it suits all types of budgets, making this an excellent alternative to the larger hotels in the Charlottesville area. This is the newest hotel to have opened in Charlottesville and is located on 14th St in the heart of UVA activity.

The amenities including onsite parking. Cleanliness has been highly praised by guests as well as spacious bedrooms that feature 60's style décor elements providing a truly unique experience!

Boars Head Room
Boar's Head 2 bed room
Boar's Head Winter Wander

Boars Head Inn

Boars Head Inn, located in Charlottesville, UVA, is a cozy oasis for guests seeking to rest and recharge. The inn offers many facilities that cater to leisure activities such as golfing, tennis courts and a fitness center, all complemented by an outdoor pool. On top of this, it has various dining options available so you’ll always have something delicious nearby! They offer different accommodations tailored to each individual’s desires for the most comfortable stay possible.

An especially outstanding feature at Boars Head Inn is their spa which gives access to numerous therapeutic treatments like massages, facials, salon services and yoga classes. All these features make visiting a boar’s head while staying in Charlottesville VA nothing short of perfection!

Townsman Hotel room

Townsman Hotel - The UnHotel

Located right in the center of Charlottesville, the Townsman Hotel offers easy access to all local activities and attractions and is located on the historic Downtown Mall. Guests can choose from 4 rooms with comprehensive details available on their website. What makes it the unhotel? There is no staff but 24hr hr service if needed. With this hotel, you get a unique code to your stay and you check-in. For anyone looking for comfortable accommodations that is also conveniently located close to everything this city has to offer, The Townsman Hotel is your best option!

Experience Local Charm: Bed & Breakfasts and Inns

For travelers looking for a more personal and unique experience, staying at one of Charlottesville’s cozy bed & breakfasts or inns is the perfect choice. Whether it’s the historic Crossroads Inn or the elegant Clifton Inn, each place provides comfort, hospitality and an atmosphere full of local flavor that can’t be found anywhere else. Let’s take a closer look into some of these inviting accommodations to learn what makes them so special.

From rustic charm to luxurious amenities, no matter where you stay, there will always be something distinct about spending time in such establishments! The intimacy they offer allows guests to feel right at home while enjoying true southern hospitality along with all their other comforts during their visit.

Crossroads Inn - Next to Pippin Hill Farm & Winery

Tucked amidst secret gardens and neighboring vineyards and only ten minutes from downtown Charlottesville, the Inn’s history transports you to a different time but with all the modern conveniences you need. Disconnect and wander the scenic hills of the Blue Ridge, all right outside your door.

Conveniently located on Plank Road, Crossroads Inn is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a warm and inviting atmosphere. The inn has been accommodating travelers since it was built in 1820 and is listed on the National Historic Register as a designated Virginia Historic Landmark. In 2022, the Inn was purchased by the owners of longtime neighbors, Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards. Dean and Lynn Andrews built Pippin Hill in 2010 as part of their growing brand, The Easton Porter Group. With a passion and successful history of restoring historic inns, Dean and Lynn purchased the Crossroads Inn to carry on its historic legacy through the elevated and curated Easton Porter lens.

Each of the guest rooms is a nod to the Easton Porter collection of properties both here in Charlottesville, Virginia as well as in Charleston, South Carolina. Our story is one that lines the walls with photos and comes through in the textures and tones of each room while preserving the incredible historic soul of the original tavern house.

Editors note: Easton Porter is also recognized for creating one of the best hotels in the U.S, Zero George in Charleston, S.C.

South Street Inn - located in heart of Downtown

Located in a historic building in downtown Charlottesville, South Street Inn is an enchanting bed and breakfast. This inn boasts its storied past as well as the prime location to explore this vibrant city. Accommodations are varied with options such as double rooms, twin rooms or suites for those wishing extra space and luxury while staying here. In order to provide comfort during their visit, guests of the inn will benefit from complimentary breakfasts along with free Wi-Fi access and private bathrooms that feature air conditioning too! The unique atmosphere plus modern conveniences create an unforgettable experience at South Street Inn situated right in Charlottesville's center.

  • free breakfast
  • free parking

The Clifton Inn

Clifton Inn located in Charlottesville is the ideal spot for a romantic escape. Their accommodations are luxurious and their deals, packages and offers tailored to couples wanting a special experience. The onsite restaurant provides fine dining with options such as sturgeon caviar, roasted beet salad, pumpkin soup and other pan-seared dishes perfect for creating memories of your getaway together. With its great facilities, guests can relax knowing they’re having an unforgettable time at this spectacular inn made just right for two people in love!

  • free breakfast
  • free parking

Inn at Court Square

Located right in the center of downtown Charlottesville, Inn at Court Square is an old-fashioned country inn that comes with up to date conveniences. It boasts a noteworthy past as it was once inhabited by the Jouett family and acted as a tavern showcasing its swan sign outside its door.

The Inn supplies guests with delicious cuisine choices ranging from cantaloupe to pan seared dishes including cumin soup and spring greens salad served along with blackberries, raspberries, goat cheese topped off with basil vinaigrette dressing.

Inn At Court Square offers guests a marvelous experience combining history plus modern features all tucked away in beautiful Charlottesville city limits for your leisure pleasure!

Exploring Charlottesville: Nearby Attractions and Activities

Charlottesville is an incredible city offering a unique glimpse of its history and culture with plenty to do for everyone. Home to the former residence of Thomas Jefferson, as well as Shenandoah National Park, there are many attractions that will fascinate all types of visitors - from avid historians to nature-lovers alike. To top it off, Charlottesville’s Historic Downtown Mall makes this destination even more attractive with countless restaurants and shops waiting for you to explore. With so much to offer in such a beautiful setting, don’t miss out!

Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

A trip to Charlottesville is incomplete without a visit to the home of Thomas Jefferson, Monticello. This historic mansion stands as an expression of his interests and talents, made evident by its Italian-French influenced design which includes: a central dome with balustrade along the edge; steep stairs built in neo-classical style, and multiple attractions for visitors such as Highlights.

Tours provide a comprehensive view of both house itself and outdoor areas around it. There are numerous available year round that offer profound insight into life at this magnificent estate throughout centuries!

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a nature-lovers paradise. Its captivating attractions include Skyline Drive, Dark Hollow Falls and Bearfence Mountain, as well as Stony Man and Hawksbill. Home to wildlife such as white tailed deer, birds and black bears among other creatures. It also offers camping facilities for those who want to stay longer along with hiking paths suitable for horseback riding, making Shenandoah an ideal destination when visiting Charlottesville.

Historic Downtown Mall

Located in the heart of Historic Downtown Charlottesville is the bustling and beloved Downtown Mall. This pedestrian-friendly area has a multitude of stores to browse through, like Caspari, O’Suzannah, Quilts Unlimited and The Virginia Shop. As well as an array of eateries such as Bang!, Petit Pois, Zocalo, Bizou or Cafe Frank offering many different culinary styles.

The historic downtown mall serves up all aspects of city living (from retail therapy to sightseeing opportunities) that you can enjoy in this portion of Charlottesville’s vibrant atmosphere. Whether it’s shopping for souvenirs or noshing on delicious fare while taking part in some cultural events – spending time at downtown Charlottesville promises something new every visit!


If you’re looking for a break with lots of options, Charlottesville has something to suit any preference. From luxurious boutique hotels to rustic inns and fascinating historic places to breathtaking natural parks - there’s an abundance of choice here! Come experience this captivating destination today – plan your perfect escape now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is notable for its connection to three US presidents: Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and James Madison. The city proudly holds the only UNESCO World Heritage Cultural site in Virginia, Monticello, which was founded by Thomas Jefferson. Along with other historic sites like Highland of James Monroe and Historic Court Square. It also houses the University of Virginia, a school established by Jefferson as well.

Is Charlottesville VA a nice area?

Living in Charlottesville can be an enjoyable experience. It has been named among the finest cities to reside in, with its combination of a metropolitan and suburban vibe plus outdoor activities throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains. This city is rated highly as one of Virginia’s leading spots for life quality, making it a favorable choice when choosing where to live.

How do I get to Charlottesville?

Charlottesville is a 1 hour drive from Richmond, VA and a 2 hr drive to the Washington D.C area. Charlottesville Albemarle airport features flights from Atlanta, Charlotte, Philadelphia, D.C. and Chicago daily and is quite easy to get in and out.

How do I plan a group trip to Charlottesville?

If you are planning a trip or corporate retreat, Charlottesville Insider's team can help you begin and plan the process. We can help you with everything from a cheap hotel to the Charlottesville hotels with the plushest pillows and rates that are not published. Our group can help you with a business center, meeting space, exclusive access to wineries and winemakers, provide you with black car transportation, and more.

What are the most-visited attractions in Charlottesville, VA?

Come and explore Charlottesville, home of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, the picturesque Shenandoah National Park and one of America’s longest outdoor shopping malls, The Historic Downtown Mall. These three unique attractions are a must-see for all visitors to this iconic city.

What are some good dining options in Charlottesville, VA?

For those looking for a delicious, diverse dining experience in Charlottesville, there are several highly regarded restaurants to choose from. These include Bang!, Petit Pois, Zocalo, Bizou and Cafe Frank. Each of these locations provides an unforgettable meal with amazing flavor profiles that make every bite count.

Love the idea of boutique, we need cheap!

While hotels in Charlottesville are not known to be the cheapest, here are some larger brands and best hotels that are centrally located - Hampton Inn Charlottesville, Residence Inn by Marriott Charlottesville Downtown w/ heated indoor pool, Hyatt Place Charlottesville, Courtyard Charlottesville UVA, English Inn of Charlottesville, Sleep Inn Suites Monticello, Hilton Hotel Home 2 Suites.