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Hip and Kid Friendly Charlottesville Restaurants

Hip and Kid Friendly Charlottesville Restaurants

Picky eaters? High-pitched screechers? Not a problem at these Charlottesville restaurants, where the menu and kid-friendly vibes combine to create the perfect ambience for a family meal. You'll find burgers, mac and cheese, simple tacos, nachos and more that are guaranteed to suit the tastes of your entire family. Bon appetit!

Brazos Tacos

The allure of Brazos Tacos for parents isn't just the tacos (which are amazing, no doubt). It's the setting adjacent to the Ix Art Park. It's no secret that babies and toddlers may not be able maintain proper restaurant decorum for long stretches, so having an outdoor escape where they can run and scream to their heart's content makes Brazos a no-brainer.

Citizen Burger Bar

Booths provide privacy and rows of big screens offer visual stimulation. The bar ambience means every squawk your infant utters won't cause a kerfluffle. Add to this some of the best locally sourced burgers around, and you'll certainly make Citizen Burger Bar a regular stop for family meals.

South Street Brewery

One of Charlottesville longest operating breweries, South Street Brewery is a family favorite thanks to its kid-friendly menu including mac n' cheese, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. Parents will groove on the warm ambience, which includes a central fireplace, and televisions to keep an eye on whatever game's in season.

The Nook

A Charlottesville classic, The Nook is a favorite for Charlottesville families. Classic diner fare is what you'll find from all-day breakfast items like omelets and pancakes to burgers, sandwiches and salad. The patio area allows kids to roam a bit on the Downtown Mall while parents keep a watchful eye from the table.

Moe’s Original BBQ

One block off the Charlottesville Downtown Mall on Water Street, Moe's Original BBQ has everything you'd want from your Southern barbecue joint. Pulled pork, slaw, beans and cheap beer please the parents. A $6 kids menu with simple entrees like sliced turkey, smoked wings and grilled cheese  pleases parents even more!

Dairy Market

Designed as a modern take on the classic food court, the new Dairy Market off Preston Avenue near downtown Charlottesville is a family dining dream. Choose from nearly a dozen dining options including the soul food of Angelic's Kitchen (pictured), Thai cuisine from Chimm, burgers from Citizen Burger Bar. Wrap the meal up with ice cream from Moo Thru. C'mon. Does anything sound better?


Offering classic Italian fare for more than two decades, Vivace is now one of Charlottesville's longest standing restaurants. Consistently delicious food and a covered, tiered patio manage to create a vibe that's both romantic and kid-friendly. Go figure! With plenty of pasta and pizza options for simple to more sophisticated tastes, the kids will be happy and so will you!

Crozet Pizza

The legendary pizzeria 20 minutes west of Charlottesville lives up to its reputation for some of the best pies on the East Coast, and that's not all it offers. Pizza salads (that's various salads served in a pizza crust) are a unique menu offering at Crozet Pizza, and the menu is broader than you might expect of a pizzeria. You can check out the roasted brussels with balsamic while the kids can also choose chicken strips, grilled cheese or a turkey sandwich.

Timberwood Taphouse and Timberwood Grill

American fare served in a sports bar atmosphere make both Timberwood locations top picks for family dining. (Timberwood Grill is north of town at Forest Lakes; Timberwood Taphouse is at Fifth Street Station). The menu is varied with everything from fish tacos to General Tso's cauliflower. Kids can dig in to various items from the kids menu including hot dogs, chicken tenders, cheese pizza and mac and cheese.