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Nelson County

Rockfish Ranch

Rockfish Ranch

Rockfish Ranch is a luxurious and exclusive getaway nestled along the Blue Ridge Mountains overlooking the Rockfish River.
(434) 328-1025
45 Quarter Lane, Shipman VA

Hike Crabtree Falls

Crabtree Falls, the highest vertical-drop cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River, is a popular attraction located in Nelson County, just six miles off the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway near milepost 27. Crabtree Falls features a series of five major cascades and a number of smaller ones that fall a total distance of 1,200 feet. The first overlook is just a few hundred feet from the parking lot along a gentle, paved trail making it an excellent stopover for travelers of all ages and abilities. The more adventuresome hiker may continue along the 3-mile trail to four other overlooks offering spectacular views of the Crabtree Creek Falls and lovely vistas of the Tye River Valley. From the upper falls, the trail follows the creek another 1.2 miles to the Crabtree Meadows. Open dawn to dusk. Parking lot with daily parking fee per vehicle.


The Blue Ridge Tunnel was constructed between 1850 and 1858 beneath Rockfish Gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia. CSX Transportation generously donated the tunnel to Nelson County in 2007. The tunnel is located at the convergence of the southern entrance of Shenandoah National Park’s Skyline Drive, the northern entrance of the Blue Ridge Parkway, the Appalachian Trail, and U. S. Bicycle Route 76. Both Interstate 64 and U. S. 250 cross over the tunnel at Rockfish Gap. Traveling through the long (1.3 km), dark tunnel will be a stirring experience for a variety of visitors from across the Commonwealth and beyond: hikers and cyclists of every level, wildlife watchers, history enthusiasts, railroad buffs, heritage tourists, school children on field trips, and nearby residents.

Fortune's Cove Preserve

On the outskirts of Lovingston, sits 29,000 acres, known as Fortune's Cove Preserve. The recently completed hiking trails remain almost untouched by visitors, making them perfect for those looking to enjoy nature in solitude. Fortune's Cove's unique desert-like landscape provides the perfect ecosystem for extremely rare plants to flourish. The recently completed hiking trails remain almost untouched by visitors, making them perfect for those looking to enjoy nature in solitude.

Starting at the parking lot, bear left onto the gravel heading uphill and in a short distance, the trail will transition onto a trail marked with 2 blue poles. Many trees will be marked with information tags providing a description of the trees along with yellow and green arrows for direction. You will quickly embark on an intense 1400' climb, with a few brief reprieves. After completing the climb you will be rewarded with a descent down High Top Mountain, and stroll past a creek on your way back to the parking lot.

Fortune's Cove Ln, Lovingston, VA 22949

Open daily from dawn to dusk, year-round.

Dogs are not allowed on trails.

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Hungry Hill Farm

Circa 1964, Hungry Hill Farm embarked on a journey to share their "knowledge and produce the best local raw honey". Open year-round, you are welcome to visit the farm and learn about beekeeping along with how to grow your own mushrooms. 'Bee' prepared to walk away with lots of new stories to share with friends and family!

Interested in embarking on your own honey-making hobby? Visit the 'honey house' for all your beekeeping supplies, including beginner to expert level kits.

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Call before stopping by.

Call: (434)263-5336 / Text: (434)989-3529

89 Williamstown Rd. Shipman, VA 22971

Rockfish Valley Nelson County

Rockfish Valley is your one-stop shop for everything in Nelson County from scenic views to ice-cold brews.

Spruce Creek Park

Stretching for 35 miles Spruce Creek is the only public park in all of Nelson. Here you can learn about the history of Rockfish Valley and Nelson County at the History Center along with access to three trails: The Children's Nature Trail, the Butterfly Trail, and the Birding Trail.

Learn More about Spruce Creek Park

Nelson Scenic Loop

An experience focused on showcasing the beauty, culture, and historical assets of Nelson County. The 50-mile loop consists of four scenic routes - accessible by car or bike - encompassing Route 151, Blue Ridge Parkway, and other local highways. Your journey begins at the Rockfish Valley Natural History Center which provides access to hiking trails, scenic lookouts, and other outdoor opportunities such as CrabTree Falls. Along the route, you can visit cideries, breweries, apple and peach farm markets, pumpkin patches and so much more.

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The Loop for Beginners

Rockfish Valley Trail

Looking for a more active excursion? The Rockfish Valley Trails is the perfect spot for hikers and birdwatchers to spend the day exploring. With 6 miles of trails looping together, you can explore as much or as little as you would like.

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Come Walk the Loop Trails

Nelson Farmers Market Cooperative

The Nelson Farmers Market Cooperative is a privately owned market founded in 1997. We provide locally grown food and local handmade goods from our community.

Visit Wintergreen Resort

Wintergreen summers are full of sun-kissed smiles and freckles, stories and s’mores around the campfire, picnics at the lake, cannonballs in the pool, and ice cream dripping down your chin.

Stony Creek Golf Course

Located at Wintergreen Resort, StonyCreek offers the avid golfer a year-round 18-hole Championship Course experience. While winding your way through the Monocan, Shamokin, and Tuckahoe "nines" soak in the picturesque view of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Dickie Brothers Orchard

Tracing back to the mid-1700s, Dickie Brothers Orchard has been a family-owned and run farm since King George II sold land to the brothers Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather. Fast forward 270 years the orchard is flourishing, with two locations increasing their ability to grow and produce quality products. Located near Crabtree Falls along the eastern edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the orchard is fueled by the crisp mountain air, in turn producing apples with exceptional color and taste.

You are invited to "Pick Your Own Apples" at select times throughout the season. Next dates - Sept 24th & 25th. Make sure to arrive one hour before closing!

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Orchard is located at Brew Ridge Trail. 8063 Rockfish Valley Hwy Afton, Va 22920