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North American Sake Brewery

North American Sake Brewery

SAKE BREWING IS NOTHING SHORT OF A LOVE AFFAIR. Every drop of our sake is made lovingly for you. From sourcing our rice to making our koji, tending our brews to hand bottling, we put quality and passion into every single batch.

Honoring the traditional sake brewing methods learned from thousands of years of history and made locally with high quality ingredients. This labor of love takes true craftsmanship for every grain of rice to reach its full potential of aroma and taste.

Bad Luck Ramen Bar offers craveworthy food at IX Art Park. Crafted ramen, dumplings, and rice bowls. All the items you want, all the time.

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Bad Luck Ramen Bar
Located at IX Art Park with an outdoor patio
Available throughout Virginia
North American Sake paired with rice bowl from Bad Luck Ramen Bar
(434) 767-8105
522 2nd St SE Unit E, Charlottesville, VA 22902