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Crossroads Inn

Crossroads Inn

Newly renovated bed and breakfast near Pippin Hill with an amazing history you have to read.

Dating back to 1817, The Inn at the Crossroads in Charlottesville offers a genuine glimpse into the past. Originally the Crossroads Tavern, this historic inn, managed by Clifton Garland and his wife Mary, served as a vital stop on the James River Turnpike, catering to weary travelers and farmers. Listed on the National Historic Register and designated a Virginia Historic Landmark, the inn is a well-preserved example of early 19th-century architecture, showcasing a three-bay, double-pile brick design with a tin roof and original interior features.

Remaining virtually unchanged since its construction, the inn allows modern guests to experience the atmosphere of early 1800s taverns. The basement level reveals a spirits cellar with original barrel racks and a historic laundry fireplace. The Inn's significance extends beyond its structure; the Alderman Library at the University of Virginia houses CG Sutherland's day books, offering insights into wages and historical transactions, including dealings with Dabney Carr, Thomas Jefferson's nephew.

Adding to its historical allure, The Inn at the Crossroads has hosted notable meetings, such as the 1823 encounter between Thomas Jefferson and Martin Van Buren in the Dabney Carr room. Teddy Roosevelt, an avid adventurer, chose the tavern for supper during his birding visit to Pine Knot. For those seeking history and hospitality, The Inn at the Crossroads provides a captivating journey into the past, where the charm of the early 19th century is skillfully preserved.

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