The Ivy Inn

Exceptional food. Amazing attention to detail. Friendly and professional service. Charming and romantic setting. This is The Ivy Inn.

Angelo Vangelopoulos works his magic

Since 1995, Angelo Vangelopoulos and his family have been serving up what they call ‘locally-inspired seasonal cuisine.’ Eat there and you will just call it ‘delicious.’ There is a reason Vangelopoulos has been called the best chef in Charlottesville by his peers. Whether it’s grilled local trout, pomegranate glazed duck breast, or grilled certified angus beef tenderloin, you can tell that the meal you have chosen has been prepared by someone who believes that food should not only taste great, but should be presented elegantly and with love. You feel when a restaurant’s team is passionate about what they serve. And that is what you get from the chef and the staff at the Ivy Inn.

Besides the love found in the food, there are many things about The Ivy Inn that make it one of the most romantic restaurants around. The historic charm of the building sets the mood. Having actually once been an inn (you can read the rich history of the building on their website), the rooms are smaller and more intimate, as they were when travelers were staying there. So, anywhere you are seated is a cozy, special place for you and your sweetheart. There is, however, one table that Chef Vangelopoulos says is the most requested for its ultimate privacy. “By far the most requested table is ‘the baby back,’ tucked away in a semi private corner and out of view of most of the restaurant,” says Vangelopoulos. “Sadly, we can only accommodate a couple each night, so it is also the most ‘denied’ table as well.”

Most Charlottesville residents already know that the Ivy Inn is a great spot for anniversaries, proposals, date night, or any night really. Knowing that the number would be high, I asked Chef Vangelopoulos just how many proposals he has seen in the restaurant over the years.

“We’ve had many proposals over the years, and I continue to be amazed at how many people I meet in the community that got engaged here, but overwhelmingly, we have more anniversary celebrations,” says Vangelopoulos. “Some are celebrating their engagement/proposal they had here, and so many more their wedding anniversaries. Not a night goes by without at least one ‘Happy Anniversary Mary & Ross!’ or something to that effect.”

The Ivy Inn is serving a 5 course prix-fixe dinner for Valentine’s Day with romantic themes throughout. Seats go fast, though, so visit to make a reservation soon. And if you need a place to stay on your visit to Charlottesville, click on Stay Charlottesville at the top of this page to find a premier property for your stay.

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