2023 Charlottesville Restaurant Guide

Not all pizza is created equal, but whether you like your crust thick and chewy, thin and crispy or somewhere in between, you'll find your idea of the perfect pie at one of these Charlottesville pizza places. So what'll you have? Traditional cheese or pepperoni? Specialty pies topped with creative combinations like shiitake mushrooms and caramelized onions or lemon, fennel and ricotta? Work up an appetite and then dig in!


When it comes to pizza, Charlottesville restaurants know how to serve it up. You'll find authentic Neapolitan pies, gourmet toppings and everything in between. Get your slice on!


Chocolate, vanilla, pecan, mint chocolate chip. Whatever your favorite flavor, Charlottesville's ice cream and frozen yogurt shops have something to suit your taste. Warm summer days and nights are ice cream's time to shine, and melt and make you happy.

Best Sushi in Charlottesville

Making sushi is an art form, and these Charlottesville sushi restaurants are up to the task. Try gargantuan dragon rolls perfectly cut tuna sashimi, edamame and various other delicacies. Perfect for date nights or family dinners, if your kids are adventurous!


Sometimes it's naan that calls your name. Other times, it's the siren song of a Latin American steak. The Charlottesville dining scene is a melting pot of international influences, and we are here for it!


Where would we be without coffee shops? Warm and inviting, they’re a great spot for first dates or writing or just that caffeine boost that’ll keep you going. Charlottesville is packed with comfortable coffee shops perfect for any occasion or no occasion at all.


Traditional catering isn’t the only way to feed a hungry party crowd. Food trucks have surged in popularity in recent years, with gourmet menus to suit all tastes. Charlottesville has a slew of food trucks with cuisine from around the world. There are mouthwatering dessert options too! The party won’t be thriving til the food truck is arriving!

Really Good Food in Charlottesville

The Ivy Inn

This locally inspired favorite has been a part of Charlottesille since the 1980s. The Ivy Inn is one of the best places for dates and anniversaries because it combines an gorgeous ambiance with near perfect service.

Mas - Belmont

Tapas done right and a longstanding favorite to the Charlottesville culinary club. Located in the Belmont neighborhood Mas will suprise you with delicious plates.


The new kid on the block brings plant based fast causual bites to Charlottesville. Try a healthy option and be kind to the planet you live on at the same time.

South and Central

Traditional flavors of South and Central America fueled by a rustic open fire grill located in Charlottesville's historic Dairy Market. This open and airy space with a beautiful bar provides the perfect ambiance to enjoy a cocktail, or a mouth-watering steak with chimichurri sauce.

Charlottesville Vegan Friendly Restaurants

Botanical (fully vegan)

Charlottesville's only fully vegan restaurant located on the downtown mall, Botanical believes that the future is plant-based. Don't miss their customer favorite, the Crunchy Cauliflower Bowl!

Firefly (vegan friendly)

A one-of-a-kind family-friendly restaurant and game room featuring a full Vegan section on their menu with starters, sandwiches, and salads. Don't miss Trivia and Bingo night!

Mezeh (vegan friendly)

Located in the Stonefield shopping center, this Mediterranean grill is a quick and healthy option with a full Vegan ingredient list. Create your own bowl with made-from-scratch ingredients.

Roots (vegan friendly)

A healthy and quick option on the UVA Corner, this is a favorite amongst students and locals alike. Order ahead for quick pick up!

Grn Burger (fully vegan)

Grn Burger is a welcome addition to the burgeoning vegan food scene in Charlottesville, Virginia. With its diverse menu of delectable plant-based burgers, sides, and desserts, this eatery is sure to impress vegans and non-vegans alike. If you're in Charlottesville and looking for a satisfying, guilt-free meal, be sure to pay Grn Burger a visit.

Pearl Island (vegan friendly)

Located inside the historic Jefferson School City Center in the heart of Charlottesville, Pearl Island shares authentic Caribbean foods, with vegan options always available.

Vu Noodles (vegan friendly)

This cozy eatery specializes in Vietnamese cuisine, offering an array of delicious, plant-based dishes that are packed with flavor and fresh ingredients. The star of the menu is their vegan noodle bowls, which feature delicate rice noodles, vibrant vegetables, and savory tofu or seitan, all tossed in a delectable, aromatic sauce. In addition to their mouthwatering noodles, Vu Noodles also offers vegan-friendly appetizers, such as spring rolls and crispy tofu bites, providing a well-rounded dining experience that showcases the versatility and appeal of plant-based Vietnamese cuisine.

Iron Paffles (vegan friendly)

Iron Paffles is a foodie's paradise, especially for those who follow a vegan lifestyle. This unique eatery has been garnering attention for its innovative approach to traditional Belgian waffles and savory puff pastries, which they have dubbed "paffles." With an extensive selection of mouthwatering vegan options, Iron Paffles has quickly become a go-to destination for the ever-growing vegan community in Charlottesville and beyond.

Bang (vegan friendly)

Bang! is Charlottesville's original small plate venue located two blocks off the Historic downtown mall. Owners/chefs Vincent Derquenne and Tim Burgess use their talents to create a menu rooted in the cuisines of the Pacific Rim, creating dishes with Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese influences. Open nightly for inside and patio dining, Bang offers convenient Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Vegan menu sections. Complementing the food is a full Martini menu, punctuated with intense, lively flavored drinks which live up to the restaurant's name.