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Charlottesville Concierge Services

Charlottesville is a beautiful place, and at the Insider, we're always looking to help showcase the best. We offer two different services through our Concierge: We can plan your custom trip, make your reservations and coordinate your itinerary from arrival to departure; and we can also provide you with your own personal guide & black car service on a daily basis as needed.

How it works

Enter your information in the form to the right, and we will call you to start planning your trip.

  • Creating an itinerary takes around 1 hour per each day planned.
  • Our insiders charge a flat rate of $195 per hour.
  • We will call you to discuss your perfect trip.
  • Once completed, we will send you a custom itinerary by email.
  • Once approved, we will make all the arrangements on your behalf.

Ideas for Itineraries

  • Balloon Flights
  • River Trips
  • Private Horseback riding at vineyards or in mountains
  • Arrange private dinners in Bucolic settings
  • Bicycle Tours
  • Wine Tours
  • Private Tours of Monticello
  • Private Chefs
  • Nannies
  • Private or Group Transportation
  • Fine Dining Reservations
  • Proposal Sites and/or Experiences
  • Vacation Rentals and or Hotels
  • Corporate Meetings

Get Started

Fill out the form below and one of our insiders will be in touch shortly.

Luxury Guide Service

Via our guide service, we will have a guide at your desired times with a luxury vehicle to meet your groups needs. The guide can simply chauffer you and or:

  • Grocery Runs
  • Bartend
  • Take You on Area Hikes
  • Serve and Clean at Meals