Amazing Cocktails for Winter Nights

Cocktails on cold nights will warm you from the inside out, and who doesn’t enjoy that! Charlottesville restaurants are known for their amazing drinks from simple classics like gin martinis to craft cocktails with creative names. Whether you’re stepping out...

2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Charlottesville VA

Our local shops offer the best gifts for every occasion.

Charlottesville Holiday Guide

Get ready for a great holiday season in Charlottesville. Here is our guide to where to shop, have fun, and get great family photos.

Fall Charlottesville Guide

Fall in Charlottesville is all about bright colored leaves on trees, great food and apple picking, along with a fireside wine tasting. Learn our favorite spots.


Charlottesville Stores for Cozy Fall Clothing

Charlottesville has divine boutiques with sweaters and other warm, comfy fall clothes that will help you keep the chill at bay.

fall foliage

Great Ways to Enjoy Fall Foliage in Charlottesville

Charlottesville is the perfect place for enjoying fall foliage. The leaves are in full glory in October, and you can take in the visual spectacle by car or on foot, and even with a glass of local beer or wine in hand.

Apples in fall

Great Places to Pick Apples and Pumpkins

Charlottesville has a slew of food trucks with cuisine from around the world. There are mouthwatering dessert options too! The party won’t be thriving til the food truck is arriving!

Downtown Charlottesville

Charlottesville Visitors Guide

People visit Charlottesville for all kinds of reasons, and Charlottesville Insider has tips on enjoying your stay for everyone from foodies to family visitors to lovers of the great outdoors.

Food truck

Six Charlottesville Food Trucks for Fabulous Parties

Charlottesville has a slew of food trucks with cuisine from around the world. There are mouthwatering dessert options too! The party won’t be thriving til the food truck is arriving!

Naan and other food

Worldly Charlottesville Dining for Adventurous Foodies

Sometimes it’s naan that calls your name. Other times, it’s the siren song of a Latin American steak. The Charlottesville dining scene is a melting pot of international influences, and we are here for it!


Super Sushi in Charlottesville

Making sushi is an art form, and these Charlottesville sushi restaurants are up to the task. Try gargantuan dragon rolls perfectly cut tuna sashimi, edamame and various other delicacies.


Premiere Charlottesville Pizza Places

Art, history, and hands-on fun. Charlottesville has historical sites, museums and galleries that perfectly blend education and entertainment. You’ll

Woman looking at art

Charlottesville Museums to Get Your Cultural Fix

Art, history, and hands-on fun. Charlottesville has historical sites, museums and galleries that perfectly blend education and entertainment. You’ll

South and Central restaurant

New Charlottesville Businesses to Check Out

Looking for fresh ways to spend your time in Charlottesville? From fitness studios to bubble tea and Latin American steaks, new businesses are popping up all over town.

Charlottesville Downtown Mall

How Well Do You Know Charlottesville?

Whatever your connection to this town, there are some fun things all Charlottesville lovers should know about. Test your knowledge to see if you’re a true Charlottesville Insider!

Man underwater

Cheap Summer Thrills in Charlottesville

Want to get out of the house and have some fun with your friends, your honey or the whole family? No need to drop wads of cash with these tips for how to have fun in Charlottesville on low funds.

Glam Locations for Special Occasions

Special occasions call for events in special places. Charlottesville is home to multiple full-service venues to help you pull off your celebration without a hitch!

Bridal Boutiques

Charlottesville Bridal Boutiques for the Perfect Dress

From couture to bohemian, with silhouettes from A-line to trumpet to princess ball gowns, these Charlottesville bridal boutiques have a dress to match your dreams.

ice cream cones

Sweet Treats to Beat the Heat

Whatever your favorite flavor, Charlottesville’s ice cream and frozen yogurt shops have something to suit your taste. Warm summer days and nights are ice cream’s time to shine, and melt and make you happy.

Charlottesville Celebrities You Just Might Spot!

If you’re looking for celebs, you don’t need to jet to Hollywood. Charlottesville has more than its share of famous people who’ve chosen to make their homes at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, surrounded by natural beauty and history.

Wedding flowers and shoes

Charlottesville Wedding Planners for a Beautiful Big Day

These Charlottesville wedding planners know the best vendors in the area and how to ensure your big day best reflects your personalities and your unique love story.

Beautiful home interior

Real Estate Agents to Find Your Dream Home

Charlottesville has a wealth of talented, knowledgable real estate agents. Whether you’re looking for a pied a terre or a country estate, you won’t go wrong with our Insider picks.

Flowering tree

Landscape Firms for Gorgeous Gardens

Whether you’re landscaping a postage stamp-sized city yard a country estate, Charlottesville landscape firms are up to the task.

Walking in the woods

Parks for the Outdoor Activities You Love

Various Charlottesville-area parks offer playgrounds and trails, swimming, boating, biking and ultimate frisbee.


Charlottesville Coffee Shop Hot Spots

Charlottesville is packed with comfortable coffee shops perfect for any working remotely, writing, or visiting with friends.

600 West Main apartments

Trendy Charlottesville apartments you’ll love

Luxurious lobbies, pools, fitness centers and fire pits are just a few of the amenities you’ll find at these trendy Charlottesville apartment developments.

Man holding flowers

Six Charlottesville gift ideas for romantic occasions

For most, gift-giving is an intimidating concept. Lucky for us, Charlottesville offers up a slew of retail stores and artisans that make it easy to find something for everyone on your list.

Italian food

Romantic Italian restaurants in Charlottesville

Is there anything more romantic than eating Italian food by candlelight? These are five of our favorite  Charlottesville Italian restaurants to help to set the mood, from a classic Belmont spot to pasta-at-home. That’s amore!


Sweets for your sweetie: Four shops to get chocolate in Charlottesville

It’s the perfect gift. It melts in your mouth, it comes in multiple flavors, and it’s an aphrodisiac to boot! Here are four places to get chocolate in Charlottesville.


Bloomin’ beautiful romantic gestures from Charlottesville florists

Whether you’re showing up to your beloved’s parents’ home or trying to make an impression on a first date, say it with flowers from these Charlottesville florists.

Wedding flowers

Fantastic Florists for Charlottesville Weddings

From simple bouquets of roses and baby’s breath to ornate centerpieces featuring exotic flowers like orchids, these Charlottesville wedding florists create one-of-a-kind arrangements that represent the beauty of your love and commitment.


The Most Instagrammable Places in Charlottesville

If you’re traveling to Charlottesville, or you already call it home, you’ll want to visit these Instagrammable spots and post the pics on your own ‘gram!

Wedding toast

Charlottesville Caterers for Dream Weddings

These Charlottesville caterers will ensure a culinary experience you and your wedding guests will remember for a lifetime!

Wedding cake

Gorgeous Wedding Cakes in Charlottesville

From traditional tiered cakes to more contemporary designs with personal flair, your wedding cake is the artistic centerpiece for your reception. Charlottesville wedding cake makers are up to the task of creating a masterpiece that will leave your guests awestruck.

Wedding Couple Photograph in Charlottesville VA

Amazing Charlottesville Wedding Photographers

When planning a Charlottesville wedding, every detail is important but none moreso than the photographer you choose. It’s through their eyes and their lens that each moment and precious detail of your big day will be documented and preserved. Luckily,...

Great Take-Out for Romantic Date Nights at Home

You don’t have to eat out to have a romantic dinner for two, and that doesn’t mean you have to cook either! Take-out from some of Charlottesville’s top restaurants brings the delicious dishes right to your home.

How to Live and Work Remotely

Working from home has its perks, for sure. Throwing a load of laundry in while you’re on a conference call? Check. Wearing PJ pants all day? Sure. But you don’t have to be at your own home to do all...

Quirk Hotel Charlottesville Main Lobby

5 unique boutiques for a truly C’ville stay

Gotta get away? Charlottesville’s array of inns, hotels, and unhotels (just wait for it) provide lots of options for your home away from home. Here are five of our favorites unique and boutique, locally owned hotels.Quirk Hotel Charlottesville499 W. Main...

Charlottesville Downtown Mall People Walking

Top Ten Things To Do in Charlottesville

Charlottesville’s historic downtown mall is a round mile brick walk full of local shops, restaurants with plenty of outdoor seating, and vibrant buskers. A perfect place to browse and take in the city on a sunny day.

Exercise Class in Charlottesville

Local Streaming Fitness

Support Charlottesville local fitness studios by taking a live streaming or online class during COVID-19

Local Live Stream

Live Streaming event in Charlottesville, VA during COVID-19 To submit your streaming event, please visit SceneThink and enter your event details. When asked for the event location, choose Online, Charlottesville, VA.   To submit your streaming event, please visit SceneThink...


This Weekend in Charlottesville

Jan 10-12, 2020 – Join us at these awesome weekend events in and around Charlottesville.


New Year’s Eve 2022 Celebrations in Charlottesville

Find great NYE events in and around Charlottesville

Holiday Fun in Charlottesville

Find great holiday events in Charlottesville, VA. Parades, concerts, Santa sightings, and more.

Off the Beaten Path Fun in Charlottesville

Try one of these awesome activities in Charlottesville to experience something new.

Where To Shop for Gifts in Charlottesville

Our local shops offer the best gifts for every occasion.

Come Support Charlottesville in August

If you’ve been to Charlottesville before, you know that it is a beautiful city filled with warm and friendly people. Incredible mountain views surround our area, but you will find amazing beauty right in the heart of the city, with...

Where to Shop for Women’s Clothing

If you want to express your own personal style and not follow the masses in what you wear, then shopping in Charlottesville is for you.


Experience July 4th in Charlottesville

The celebration of our nation’s birthday is a big deal around Charlottesville for many reasons. Having one of our founding father’s homes right in our backyard definitely sets the tone. And while that does give us a sense of pride,...

Best Area Outdoor Activities

Did you know Country Roads isn’t actually about West Virginia, it’s about Western Virginia? And honestly, it could have been written about Western Albemarle- “Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River…

Valentine’s Day 2022 in Cville 5 Restaurants

If you’ve been to Charlottesville and its surrounding areas before, you know that this is one of the most romantic places in the US. We’ve got beautiful mountains nearby, gorgeous grounds around UVA, perfectly set wineries and craft breweries, an...

Delivery and Take Out During Covid-19

Looking for a great option for delivery or takeout during the pandemic of 2020. Look no further.

Fall Festivals 2019

Join us for these amazing festivals this fall in and around Charlottesville.